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21 August 2017

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Important dates

Friday 25th August – School Cross Country Carnival
Monday 4th September – “Say Cheese” School Photo Day
5-7pm Tuesday 5th September – Consultation on the Department of Education’s next strategic plan, held at CMS
7pm Thursday 7th September – Quiz Night Fundraiser for Year 9 Camp
Saturday the 23rd of September – Chalk and Talk Café # 2 Fundraiser for Year 9 Camp
Friday 8th September – Student free School Development Day (no school for students)
19th-20th September – Immunisations Year 7 & Year 8

From the Principal

Dear families,

What a great start to the term we have had! Highlights for me have included the visit by the Sydney Dance Company who worked with our dance enrichment group, students starting to work with our new drones and 3D printer, the Polly Farmer Program celebrating 10 years of operation, the start of rehearsals for the Alice Can Dance project and the many activities that Clontarf and Girls Academy have provided to our students.

The next few weeks will be similarly packed. Tomorrow (Tuesday 22/8) our Year 9 students are participating in the Careers Expo at the Convention Centre. This Thursday (24/8) we have a group of travelling rock musicians visiting the school to expose our students to what is involved in making a career in music. This Friday (25/8) is our Cross Country Carnival. This carnival always has a fun and fantastic atmosphere and we welcome you to join us. We will be across at the Telegraph Station from 11.30 until 2.30. Our Year 9 students will be running a food stall over there as a fundraiser for their camp later in the year. Please note that as this is a whole school event, individual consent will not be obtained for this event.

There are also a range of camp opportunities coming up. This week a group of Girls Academy students are travelling to Darwin to participate in the Northern Showcase. Our Clontarf students aren’t missing out – they have a sleepover at school on Wednesday, a Year 7 camp to Palm Valley the following week and their Northern Carnival the week after that. Our Year 7s are off on camp in Week 8.

We have a Student Free School Development Day on Friday 8th September. On this day staff will be undertaking professional learning on the Disability Standards for Education, understanding the function of behaviour and staff wellbeing. We appreciate you making alternative arrangements for your child on this day.

We are seeking your feedback at the moment. Every year we seek input from families, students and staff on how the school is going. We use this feedback to celebrate our successes and focus our improvement efforts. Please provide feedback via the weblink below. The feedback is anonymous and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.


Finally, we are holding a Quiz Night on Thursday 7th September. This will be a great night so start recruiting your tables (8 max). Cost is $10 per person and all funds raised will help to send our Year 9s on camp in Term 4.

Our Year 9s assembling and programming the new drones

Dance students and Sydney Dance Company collaboration will be featured on ABC radio on Saturday morning. Stay tuned!

Warm regards
Paul van Holsteyn

We need your input!

Each year we survey families, students and teachers to get feedback on how the school is going and where we need to focus our improvement efforts. The 2017 School Survey is now open and we are seeking your input. We rely on your input to focus our efforts to make Centralian Middle School the school that you want and expect it to be. The survey takes 15 minutes and is entirely anonymous.

Please complete the survey at:


Alternatively, paper versions of the survey are available in the Front Office. The survey will close in two weeks time (Friday 1/9).

Assessment Schedules

Each term we provide students and families with assessment schedules detailing the major tasks that students will be completing in each learning area. We do this to help you to understand the learning program and also to be able to support your student during peak times.

Please access the Assessment Schedules using the links below:

Year 7 - Assessment Schedule
Term 3, 2017


Assessment Task



Weekly Grammar, Spelling and Language Structure practice

Throughout the Term, students will engage with ongoing activities to develop understanding of grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and vocabulary.


Weeks 1-10

Year Seven ‘Limerick Wall’

Students will be learning about rhythms and sound patterns in stories, rhymes, songs and poems. They will write their own Limericks and contribute to a year 7 ‘Limerick Wall’ which will be on display in the year 7 area. This is to demonstrate they understand how rhyme can create melody in writing even without music.

Week 3

Analyse an Imaginary Text

Students will have been learning to recognise that texts created by authors of many cultures who tell stories and share experiences, may be similar or different to students’ own experiences. They will annotate a short text and describe how its message and images are similar or different to their own lives and experiences.

Week 5

Write An Argumentative Essay

Students will be learning about the structure, cohesion and vocabulary elements of a formal essay - including how to construct correct paragraphs to persuade. To demonstrate their understanding from the previous four weeks learning, they will write a persuasive essay on a topic of their choice. They will be assessed on their understanding of formal essay structure; including paragraphing, text structure and cohesion.

Week 9


Mid Term Exam: Fractions and Decimals

Students will learn about fractions and decimals, and apply simply calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This test will examine their comprehension of this topic and abilities using these calculations.

Week 6

End of Term Exam: Percentages and Ratios

Students will learn about percentages and ratios, and apply these to everyday life. This exam will focus on real life examples.

Week 10

Alternating Fortnightly Quiz and Book Check

Students are expected to keep ongoing notes in their workbooks throughout the term.



Exam: The World Around Us

This term we are focusing on the world around us and Science Inquiry Skills. The first assessment piece for this term will be an exam that covers the topics of classification, the five kingdoms, animals and plants, food-webs and ecosystems.

Week 7

Inquiry Project: The Natural World Around Us - Science Inquiry

Students will be explicitly taught inquiry skills in relation to science, including investigation, research, experimentation and conclusive reporting. Students will choose a topic within nature (ie. animals, ecosystems, weather etc.) and compose a piece of work of their own design.

Week 10

Fortnightly Practicals

Fortnightly, beginning Week 2


Historical Skills

Students will work within the inquiry kit and complete a series of historical skill tasks to help build their understanding of Historical skills.

Week 5

Narrabeen Man

Students will put together an Inquiry Kit of the case of the Narrabeen man. They will work within the kit and complete a series of historical skill tasks.

Week 9

Narrabeen Man Oral Presentation

Prepare a 3 minute oral presentation that compares the discoveries of the remains of another ancient person to that of Narrabeen Man.

Week 10


Throughout the term, students will engage with ongoing activities to develop understanding of the topics discussed and learn the skills required for historical investigation.


Health & PE

Tobacco Workbook

Student are learning about tobacco and the effects that it has on the body.

Week 4

Quiz on Tobacco and the Effects of Smoking

Week 5

Alcohol Workbook

Week 5-10

Exam on Alcohol and the effect on the body

Week 10

Year 8 - Assessment Schedule
Term 3, 2017


Assessment Task



Weekly spelling, grammar and language structure activities

During Term 3, students will complete weekly activities that develop their understanding of spelling, grammar, punctuation and language. These activities will draw on the Term 3 text to enable students to develop their English skills and deepen their analysis of the text.

Ongoing week 1 to 10

Book knowledge test

Students will be tested on their knowledge of the Term 3 text. The purpose of this test is to check the students’ developing interpretation of the text and to share their opinion of it.

Week 4

Speech: Teen Issues

Students will write and present a speech on an issue that is pertinent to them and other young people. Students should draw on key themes and issues from the text to inspire their speech.

Week 8 & 9


Algebra Quiz 1, 2

Simplify algebraic expressions involving the four operations.

Practice Test & Reflection

Week 4

Algebraic Graphing

Investigation task & practice activities

Week 5 & 6

Linear Equations

Week 7 & 8

Probability Test & Activities

Week 9 & 10


Pre-test and Post-test

In Term 3, Year 8 students are learning about the field of geology, and to compare the processes of rock formation including the timescales involved. In Weeks 1 and 10 the same test (multiple-choice and short answer questions) will be administered as individual assessment tasks to assess their progress across the term.

Week 1 & 10

Practical Assessment: Identifying Rocks

In the lab, students will identify a range of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks (rock samples taken from the local area) using a key and their observable physical and chemical properties.

Week 6

Informative Poster: The Rock Cycle

In small groups, students will create a poster to showcase their understanding of the rock cycle and the forces and energy involved (including weather and erosion). This assessment task will include peer feedback from students on their group members.

Week 8

Investigation and Brochure: Australian Rocks/Landforms

Students will choose one of seven significant Australian landforms to research and create a brochure on. They will be required to report on its features and how it was formed geologically, as well as its cultural significance. This task will require students to draw upon and apply knowledge that they have learned across the term.

Week 10


Assessment Task 1: Geographical knowledge and skills test

Year 8 students will start off by learning geographical terms and skills. They will then learn about geographical processes that influence the characteristics of places and explain how places are perceived and valued differently. More to this, students will explain interconnections within environments and between people and places, and explain how they change places and environments.

Week 3

Assessment Task 2: Inquiry task on different landforms

Students will use the geographical knowledge and skills to study different landforms. There will be a focus on local landforms.

Week 7

Assessment Task 3: Report on the excursion

Local Desert landforms excursion (Desert Park) and/or guest speaker.

Week 8

Assessment task 4: Art project

Week 9-10 follow up on local landscape learning

Week 10

Health & PE

Nutrition: Analyse and Critique a Diet

In Term 3 (weeks 1-5) students in Year 8 will be exploring the topic of Nutrition. The assessment task will assess students ability to evaluate health information and express their health concerns. The task will enable them to show their understanding of the importance of promoting healthy living.

This task will require them to analyse and critique a sample diet.

Week 5

Drugs in Sport: Informative Poster

In Term 3 (Weeks 6-10) students in year 8 will be exploring the topic of Drugs in Sport. The assessment task will require students to draw upon information they have learnt throughout the unit, as well as undertake their own research into the effects of a performance enhancing drugs. This task will allow them to express health concerns and develop a greater awareness of impacts of using performance enhancing drugs. Students will be required to present their findings in a poster format.

Week 9 & 10

Year 9 - Assessment Schedule
Term 3, 2017


Assessment Task



Conflict Poetry- Text Production

Students will be assessed on their creation of their own poems about war in particular, their use of poetic devices i.e. similes, metaphors, pathos, imagery, personification, onomatopoeia and alliteration. This coincides with our study of WW1.

Formative: Students will write an analysis of a poem about conflict that follows the structure of “Title FC-PATS” (Title, Form, Context, Purpose, Audience, Tone, Stylistic Devices.

Summative- Conflict Poem: Students write an extended piece of prose about a conflict (not necessarily a war). In reference to the WWI poems that they will have studied as well as their class novel Once. Students will decide to write a poem that either glorifies or condemns conflict. Students will demonstrate their use and understanding of poetic devices in this task. Students can choose to write either a number of smaller poems or one longer piece.

Week 2

Week 4

Persuasive Writing- Text Production. Students will be assessed on their creation of a letter to the editor, in particular, students will look at a number of case studies, i.e. kids in detention, closing the gap, fracking, school attendance.

Week 6


Persuasive Writing- Text Production Oral. Students will be assessed on their creation of a public service announcement for our town. The task will assess students’ ability to use persuasive language and visuals in a brief audio visual presentation using a program such as iMovie.

Week 8

Bookwork & Class Participation



Linear Equations Test - Students will be assessed on their ability to solve and graph linear equations. They will need to be able to find the distance between two points on the Cartesian plane and the gradient and midpoint of a line segment.

Week 5

Geometric Reasoning Investigation- Students will be required to investigate transformations, congruence, ratio and scale of triangles.

Week 10

All bookwork, in class quizzes, participation in activities and discussion will be assessed throughout the term.



Investigation- Ecosystems

Students will choose 1 out of 5 topics to investigate. They will be assessed on their ability to define and connect ideas and understand that an ecosystem is a complex web of interactions between biotic and abiotic factors.

Week 4


Students will choose to investigate either the prevalence of ESRF (end stage renal failure) and Type II Diabetes in Central Australia. They will be assessed on their ability to explain how body systems work together to maintain a functioning body using models and flow diagrams.

Week 6

Body Systems - Test

Students will be assessed on their level of understanding on how biological systems function and respond to external changes. The focus will be on how body systems are controlled and coordinated by the nervous and endocrine system.

Week 10

Class set tasks, quizzes, write-up from practicals, in class discussions, and research skills.



Forming political parties and contesting an election

Students will learn about the way government is structured in Australia, interpret the Declaration of Human Rights, and discuss issues important to them. Students will form political parties with their peers and contest a mock election against other parties in their class. The assessment task for this will include: The production of political pamphlets, posters and other propaganda and a letter to their constituents outlining their party platform and policies.

Week 3 - 5

Resume, Cover Letter & Visume

This unit will focus on building students’ awareness of how they can and do contribute to their community. We will learn about values and ethics, getting a job and taking care of one’s family, culture and country. Students will:
-Write a resume, write a cover letter & build a visume using recording software like iMovie, audacity or garageband.

Week 7 - 10

Bookwork & Class Participation


Health & PE

Training Methods: Training Plan

Students in Year 9 will be exploring the topic of training methods. Students will be required to create personalised training plans to show their knowledge and ability to improve or maintain their own and others’ physical activit y and fitness levels.

Week 4

Training Methods: Written Test

Students will be exploring a range of different methods used to improve fitness performance. Students will be required to complete a written test to demonstrate their understanding of training methods and their purpose.

Week 5

Growth and Development: Contraception

Students in Year 9 will be learning about contraception. Students will be required to investigate 3 methods of contraception and present their findings in an information booklet.

Week 8

Growth and Development: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Students in Year 9 will be learning about STI’s. Students will be exploring how to prevent STI’s and investigate the effects of contracting an infection. Students will be required to research 2 STI’s and add the information into their Growth & Development booklet.

Week 10

Assembly Awards

Centralian Middle School would like to acknowledge the following students for their hard work and dedication in demonstrating one or more of our three Core Values: Respect, Fairness, and Responsibility. Keep up the positive energy!

Hope Heremaia – Working hard to complete her class work
Keisha Selems – Working hard to complete all her work in class.
Kyle Carroll – Being a persistent and dedicated learner, and working well with peers.
Angus Murphy – Showing respect and trying hard to improve his behaviour
Ian McCormack – quietly persisting with his work in class and showing responsibility for his learning.
Anika Gale – for working in the school Café and achieving her certificate in food handling.
Janaya Kopp - for making a great start back at CMS and showing respect and friendliness to her new teachers.
Curtis Storey – for always being on time, in uniform and adhering to the school values.
Quill Tilsten – for always supporting the learning of those around him.
Son-J Padam - Taking responsibility for his learning and making a conscious effort to ensure that he is working towards achieving his goals.

Year 7 Update

Welcome back to Term 3! This term is a term of consolidation for our Year 7 students. We are expecting students to build upon the skills they have learned in the first half of the year and to be exceptional students within the CMS community. At the beginning of this term we have been focussing on students being prepared for learning. In the coming week we will be sending notes home to ensure that your child is suitably prepared for classes at school.

We welcome two new staff members to the team this term – Ms Ruby Sun has joined the team as a Maths & Science teacher and Mr Dominic Fecteau has joined the team as an English & Humanities teacher. Unfortunately, Mr Owen Gale left the team this term and has returned to his family in South Australia. He will be missed. Mr Gale and his Year 7 Horticulture class planted a vegie garden at the end of last term; the photo show two types of Kale budding, tomatoes, broccoli, beans and sunflowers!

We are very much looking forward to the Year 7 Camp to Glen Helen which is happening in Week 8. Please keep an eye out for the information that we send out about this camp.

In the Year 7 Arts department, there are two new subjects for students; Soft Sculpture, and Textiles headed by Mrs Julie North. In Texiles 7.2 students will be trying their hands at threading a needle (a pesky task), learning to use a sewing machine, and designing a pattern for a pillow or dress. Stay tuned for some crafted creations.

Warm regards,
Ben Balmer

Year 8 Update

Welcome back to Term 3

I would like to welcome a new teacher to the Year 8 Team: Ms Swahnnya De Almeida has joined us and is teaching all classes Science. She is also the 8-3 Home group teacher.

Our theme for this term

Establish your true identity: Moving forward.

This theme challenge our students to

  • Moving forward with respect
  • Moving forward with responsibility
  • Moving forward with fairness

The aim is to consolidate on the gains they made last term.

This means:

We are asking the year 8 students to challenge themselves by asking the hard questions.

Who am l?
Why am l here at school?
What do l want to be?
How do l get there?

I look forward to continue strengthening relationships with all parents and students this term.

Warm regards,
Wellington Pasi
Year 8 Coordinator

Year 9 Update

There has been a change of leadership in the Year 9 Team this term. Ms Axten has stepped away from the role as it took her away from her family a little more than anticipated. She is continuing in her role as teacher of the 9.5 class.

Mr Liam Quin has moved across from Clontarf to take up the Team Leader role this Semester. In his words:

“I am really excited to be working at CMS because I enjoy talking to the students and being a part of the Alice Springs community. I moved to Alice Springs with my wife and son 3 years ago from Melbourne. We now have a little girl as well and another baby is due in a couple of months. I have been a teacher for 10 years and have taught Science and Maths at Yirara, at University High School in Melbourne and at Numurkah Secondary College in rural Victoria. Since early 2016 I have worked at the Clontarf Academy here at CMS so I know many of the fellas really well. In my first couple of weeks I have had a lot of fun because the students and staff have been wonderfully accepting of me and have made me remember why I like being a teacher.”

This semester is already jam packed with a number of events that involve our year 9’s. We have two more weeks of VET left for the year, our Year 9 school camp, transition visits to CSC in preparation for our students changing school at the end of the year and much more.

Year 9 Camp

School camp has been a topic of conversation between a number of students since returning back to school. Information was provided via the last two newsletters as well as printed copies distributed to students in Term 1 and Term 2. The details are as follows:

Destination: Adelaide

Proposed Date: First preference – Sunday the 29th of October until Saturday the 4th of November

Learning opportunities:

On camp students will be involved in a number of outdoor ed learning opportunities such as, raft making, fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and various team building activities. These activities will provide students the ability to reflect and build on:


  • Enhance self-confidence and independence through overcoming personal challenge
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle


  • Develop social and collaboration skills and teamwork through group challenges
  • Encourage tolerance and respect for individual differences


  • Gain an appreciation for the natural environment
  • Develop an understanding of the “leave no trace” principles
  • Gain knowledge about the region


  • Introduction and development of general camping skills

Students will also be given the opportunity to explore University options in and around Adelaide, the sights, tourist spots, the beach and shopping.

Camp Costs:

At this stage the approximate cost of the camp is $1000.00 we will endeavour to keep costs as close to this figure as possible and provide a number of fundraising opportunities for students to get involved in to help cover the costs.


This term we have three big fundraising opportunities for students to get involved in they are as follows:

  • Chalk and Talk Café # 2 – Saturday the 23rd of September
  • Trivia night and auction – Week 7 or 8

Payment Plans:

Payments can be made via direct debit into the school account or can be made via cash or card at the front office.

If you would like to make payment via direct debit the school account details are as follows:

Account name: Centralian Middle School
BSB: 065 900
Account number: 105 135 23

*Please ensure that you put your child’s FULL NAME and ‘yr 9 camp in the description field to avoid any confusion*

Payments can be made, weekly, fortnightly or monthly into the account listed above.

In order for students to secure a spot on year 9 camp students must pay a deposit of $200.

This deposit will allow us to get exact quotes based on the number of students that will be attending camp and begin to book flights, accommodation and activities. This deposit will be refundable up until the final cost of the camp is communicated to families. Once this is announced we will begin making bookings. Once bookings have been made if you would like to withdraw your child from the camp the deposit will be used to cover cancellation or name change costs and therefore be non-refundable.

We are endeavouring to share as much information about the camp as when can when it is available to us as it is our hope that as many Year 9’s can attend this camp as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Liam or Kate Axten at the school on 8950 2500 or via email kate.axten@ntschools.net or liam.quin@ntschools.net. Thank you to students and staff for a great Semester one.

Liam Quin
Year 9 Team Leader

News from Clontarf

Hope you’re having a great Monday. Just an update from the Clontarf Academy and the great start we’ve had to the term. The fellas have come back with a great attitude and are really keen to sink their teeth into the program.

We have had a great start so far in the academy with Luke’s outdoor gardening project kicking off, a great match of footy against Yirara Clontarf (despite losing narrowly the lads showed some great spirit), joint training, American Football (the lads having a crack at something different!), breakfasts, boxing training and bowling just to name a few things.

Janneil Reid-Miller was awarded ‘Clontarf Trainer of the Week’. With a great start to the boys’ school day, we hope it transfers across into their classroom performance.

On top of this the Clontarf staff have been working hard to carry out more house visits to students who have been absent and as a result we’ve seen some fellas attend school more regularly which is great.

Early in the term we took 30 of the fellas ten pin bowling to try and engage them back into the program, catch up on what they did on their holidays and also talk some trash while having a good laugh. Trav Kenny, Makai Bevan Ah Chee and Junior Wallace proved they have some great skills on the hardwood and dominated the outing.

News from Girls Academy

Polly Farmer- Maths & Science Centre of Excellence

New Staff

We welcome Jen Kreusser the new project coordinator of the (Polly Farmer) Maths and Science in Excellence Program. Jen’s experience in community engagement and environmental related roles will offer a different perspective for students, supporting their understanding of the relevance of maths and science relevant in everyday life. We look hearing more about students’ experiences throughout Semester 2.

10th Polly Farmer Foundation Birthday Celebration at the Alice Springs Desert Park

Polly Farmer Follow the Dream students were excellent hosts at our 10th Birthday Anniversary at the Desert Park last week. Showcasing the range of experiences and enrichment activities through a short movie. Emily and Lauren were our excellent MCs, whilst Alyssa and Tiara offered the acknowledgment to country. Declan, Levi and Tyler offered cool drinks from the fridge. Maths and Science Centre of Excellence students presented their coding skills from their lego robots! We were genuinely delighted by the support shown from families that joined in the celebrations, with over 200 people at the event.

Thank you to families, sponsors and school Principals for their continuing support, as the program is now in its 11th year in Alice Springs.

Quilting the Maths

Follow the Dream students are creating quilts out of Aboriginal designed fabrics to demonstrate a number of maths concepts. Local quilter, Janene Bartholomew is instructing students in how to create a ‘jelly roll’ quit. Quilts created by the students will be presented to prominent Indigenous Elders in Perth and Alice Springs.

Hiring tutors – Expression of Interest

If you are interested, or know of a suitable teacher / tutor with specialities in maths and science for the Follow the Dream program please contact Wendy Cowan on 0458 400 777 for further details.

Hiring bus drivers – Expression of Interest

The Maths and Science Centre of Excellence (MSCoE) program is recruiting bus drivers on Monday and Wednesday for 2 hours. You are required to have an ochre card and a LR licence. Interested? Contact the MSCoE coordinator, Jen Kreusser for details on pay and conditions – 0406 901 967

General Announcements

School Photos – Monday 4th September

Home Group teachers have distributed the MSP School Photography order forms to students. There are spare student envelopes & family photo order forms in the Front Office. Please enclose the correct money in the envelops as no change is given. Photography day is Monday 4th of September.

Woolworth earn & learn stickers

Centralian Middle School has signed up to participate in Woolies’ Earn and Learn promotion. Here is how it works: Spend $10 = 1 sticker. Get a Sticker Sheet from Woolworths. Last, drop the Sticker Sheets at the Front Office, Student access or Woolworths (the boxes next to the trolleys). Open until 31st September and we might be able to get some sweet prizes for the school!


We are now LIVE!

Head on over to ‘like’ it to keep in touch with school news, highlights and achievements of our wonderful students. We encourage people to like and share our posts.

Please read the terms of engagement before posting comments.


Some reminders

We need your support to ensure the school day runs smoothly:

  • All students have to be in full school uniform every day. This includes a CMS jumper. Students will be required to remove non-school jumpers. Students can wear a plain white or navy long sleave top under their school shirt
  • School starts at 8.30.
  • Students need to have books, pens and pencils to be prepared for learning. A stationery pack is available from Student Access.
  • Students are not to have mobile phones between 8.30 and 3.00. Students can drop them off at the office or keep them switched off on their person during the day. Please do not call or text your child during the day. If you need to urgently contact your child, please call the office.
  • Soft drinks and energy drinks are not appropriate drinks for at school. These will be removed from students.
  • Healthy drinks and food are available for purchase from the canteen on a daily basis.