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8 June 2018

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Important dates

Friday 8th June – CMS Athletics Carnival

Friday 15th June – Casual Clothes Day

18 to 22nd June – Year 9 VET

20th to 22nd June – Year 8 Camp

26th to 29th June – Year 9 Camp to Uluru/Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon

23rd June to 2nd July – Clontarf Camp to Adelaide

From the Principal

Dear families

What a day we had today! Our annual Athletics Carnival was held today at the Rhonda Dianello Head Street Oval. It was great to see all of our students get in the spirit and push themselves to participate and achieve in the various events. These events are such wonderful opportunities to celebrate achievements and get to know each other in ways beyond the classroom. I can’t yet announce the winners or age grade champions in this newsletter as events are still being decided, but we will do this in our assembly next week. We have been posting photos on Facebook so take a look to get a sense of the day.

Thank you for making alternative arrangements for your young person last Monday when we had our staff learning day. We have very few opportunities to come together as a whole staff and engage in learning and these days are precious. On Monday we developed our expertise in supporting learners who have English as an Additional Language or Dialect and young people who have experienced trauma. We also worked on developing our approach to learning plans and portfolios, which align with the reporting teachers are currently completing and will be the basis of our Learning Conferences (parent teacher interviews) that we will hold early in Term 3.

We have had an increasing focus on transitions for next year’s primary school students. Year 6 (and some Year 5) students have been coming across for a school tour and visit. Next week we start welcoming them back to engage in a learning activity here. We also had our tour and information session last week which was well attended. If you know of someone considering schooling options for next year, please get them to get in touch with me. We can organise additional school tours on demand.

Just a reminder around our health eating policy. Some family members have been dropping off food to the school from KFC or McDonalds. I have to inform you that we can’t pass this food on to students as it does not meet the healthy eating guidelines. Our canteen is in line with the health eating policy and is open before school, at recess and at lunch every day so you can drop money off for your young person to use at the canteen.

Lastly, Finke fever has certainly taken over the town. I know many of our students will be camping out along the track this weekend. This is always a fun and exciting experience and we encourage you to enjoy every moment of it. Please, however, make sure that you focus on safety as there are clear dangers on and around the track and we want to make sure that all members of our school community come back safely and happily. If you are not heading out to the Finke track, I hope you enjoy your weekend!

We have three weeks to the end of the term. It is a busy 3 weeks with the Year 8 camp and Year 9 VET week in the week beginning 18th June and the Year 9 and Clontarf camps the following week. Teachers are also busily writing reports at the moment so that we can share with you information about your young person’s learning this semester. Reports will be mailed out in the last week of term. The term ends on Friday 29th June. This year there is only 3 weeks of school holidays mid year – school returns for students on Tuesday 24th July. We will have our learning conferences early in Term 3 to review student achievements and focus on goals for Semester 2.

Warm regards,

Paul van Holsteyn

Mr Paul Van Holsteyn


Year 9 Camp Fundraiser

Friday of week 8 will be a Casual Clothes Day and we will be accepting gold coin donations for the year 9 fundraiser.

Alice Springs Basketball – Sign on Day

School Updates

Utnenge Term 1

Term 1 2018 saw Utnenge students engaged in a number of activities designed to encourage social inter-activity and cooperation and integrate cultural awareness and learning outcomes in Humanities and Social Sciences. We really loved squash and this was kicked up with boxercise toward the end of the term.

Ryan Mulladad and Shari Aluni hit
out at Get Physical.

Cyrus Morris has his safety glasses ready
for when it is his turn on the court.

Year 8s: Mashona Long and Vanessa Craig
are just a jab away with boxercise trainer Jess.

Wayne Daniels is already prepared
for another excursion.

A trip to Tangentyere artists
urprised Manager Sue when Ross
cAuliffe and Ryan Mulladad saw
ork created by their own family

Ms Molin lines up with Utnenge class
to learn local legends with “Auntie”
Pat Dodds: we won’t say where or
hat because it would be telling too

Rupita Morris explores local fauna at
Emily Gap.

L to R Vanessa Craig, Carol Turner,
oss McAuliffe, Sarwan Harvey, Cyrus
Morris, Rupita Morris and Ms Molin.

Carol, Vanessa and Rupita enjoying lunch.

The Clontarf Corner


Week 5 was a great week for the CMS Clontarf Academy and saw our guys out and about in the community. Our health checks are flying along and we have nearly had half of the Academy visit Congress to get a look over which has been great.

Early Morning Training vs St Philips College

Wednesday morning we hosted Saint Phillips College in an enjoyable game of footy which saw the CMs fellas work really well together as a team. The guys played a free flowing, attacking style of footy which was driven by great defence from Luke Foster and Kingsley Tilmouth. We even had an old face amongst the team with Francis Bruce rolling out for a bit of a kick and a laugh on a very brisk morning.

Clontarf Territory Cup

The annual Clontarf Territory Cup was held out at Albrecht Oval on Friday and featured 8 Academies from all across the Northern Territory came together to compete for the Cup. The CMS Academy supplied umpires for the day who worked the boundaries and goals all day in an exhausting effort. Special mention should go to Rohan Watts, Ollie Turner, Junior Wallace and Jayden Forbes who umpired matches for 3-4 hours straight. Ultimately our big brothers from the CSC Academy took out the competition and the celebrations at the final siren were a sight to see.

After School Gym Sessions

After school gym sessions have been a hit with several of the boys under our wellbeing pillar. The lads have been working hard on their fitness goals and been pleased with their results.


Week 6 was a very busy one for the CMS Clontarf Academy as the fellas knuckled down and embraced the different challenges and activities throughout the week. The week started off with further table tennis lessons from Jacob Moore and there are starting to be some great results and progress making the lunch time showdowns very competitive.

“Clontarf 9 A-Side Cup”

The 9-A-Side football comp kicked off Tuesday afternoon with Luke and Schaylens’ teams locking horns in a round one match up. Schaylen had his side up and about with Pete Morris and Marsh playing strong roles in defence and attack while Kallym Philomac had a blinder in a best on ground display. However it wasn’t enough as Luke’s side scraped home in a tightly contested match. Rohan Watts and Damon Karpany played exceptionally well for the victorious side.

Tennant Creek Wellbeing & Leadership Camp

Tom and Schaylen took a group of year 7s and 8s to Tennant Creek to connect with our Clontarf brother from the Barkley and develop strong relationships amongst the group. The guys had an awesome time visiting the Michelangelo display at the town hall, having a lunch out at Lake Mary Ann Damn as well as a host of other great activities. It’s always nice to see the Tennant Creek Clontarf fellas and our guys often from bonds with them over the course of their time in Clontarf.

Finke Desert Race Volunteering

Each year the Clontarf Foundation offers their support to the Finke Desert Race Committee by assisting in the making of the race competitor packs. Last week our boys in contact time during school gave up their time to put together the packs for the bike competitors. All 600 of them! Tremendous effort from the lads.


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