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16 November 2018

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Important Dates

18th November – Clontarf Camp to Adelaide and Kangaroo Island
20th November – Year 9 Transition visit to Centralian Senior College
23rd November – CMS Swimming Carnival
26th – 30th November – Year 9 VET
30th November – Orientation Day for 2019 Year 7 students
6th December – CMS Presentation Night
10th December – Year 9 Celebration Event
12th December – Colour Smash
13th December – Last Day of Term
29th January - First day of school for 2019

From the Principal

Dear families

Thank you to all of the families that attended our community consultation session this week. Much of the conversation focussed on how we can strengthen the ties between schools and families and a range of ideas and events were discussed. If you missed the consultation but would like to contribute some ideas, please call the school and let us know.

The community consultation session has been one of a number of actions that we are taking to prepare for 2018. Staff have been analysing our students’ learning, attendance and behavioural data to identify trends and we have been consulting with staff and students. At this stage it looks like we will have 4 priorities to focus our energies on in 2018:

  1. A professional learning culture amongst staff to ensure high impact instructional practices are consistently used across the school.
  2. A focus on the teaching of writing.
  3. A focus on maintaining our School Wide Positive Behaviour Support practices to ensure classes can be learning focussed.
  4. A focus on engagement to increase the proportion of students who attend more than four days a week.

We have not quite finalised these goals or the actions that we will take to achieve them so if you have any great ideas please get in touch.

The end of year awards season has kicked off with Girls Academy and Clontarf holding their awards nights over the last two weeks. We have a list of award winners later in this newsletter. The big event – the CMS awards night is at 6.00pm on Thursday 6th December. We certainly hope that you can join us at this time.

We had a great fundraising free dress day today, raising money for Movember. Movember supports men’s health including suicide prevention and prostrate and testicular cancer. We also have a number of staff currently participating in Movember.

The swimming program has been going very well in PE classes. This will wrap up next week with the Swimming Carnival on Friday (23rd November) which families are very welcome to join us for. For safety reasons, only students that have participated in the swimming program and have correct consent forms will be able to participate in the carnival. Please call the office on 8955 2333 if you are unsure.

I am unfortunately going to be away from the school for a little while as I am having an operation. Ms Cassie O’Bree will be Acting Principal in my absence and Ms Laryssa Montgomery will be Acting Assistant Principal. All other leadership roles remain the same (Assistant Principal & Year 9 Team Leader: Ms Kristi Beynon; Year 7 Team Leader: Mr Ben Balmer; Year 8 Team Leader: Mr Dominic Fecteau; Utnenge Team Leader: Ms Rachel Helliwell).

Warm regards,

Paul van Holsteyn

CMS Events and Announcements

It’s time to enrol!

It’s time to enrol at CMS if you have a young person who is joining the school in 2019. Forms are available from the Front Office.

Instrumental lessons with the NT Music School

Its time to enrol in instrumental lessons for 2019. The NT Music School provides CMS students with instrumental lessons for clarinet, flute, guitar, percussion, saxophone, trombone and trumpet. Lessons are free although there is a one off $50 registration fee and students need to provide own instrument. This is a great opportunity!

Enrol on the Music School’s website below or by coming in to the CMS office.


Mo-Dress Day

We had a fabulous free dress day today, raising funds for Movember. A number of our staff are participating in Movember, raising funds for mental health and suicide prevention and fighting prostate and testicular cancer.

You are also welcome to directly support the CMS fundraising team:


Awards nights

Our Girls Academy and Clontarf programs recently held their presentation nights. These events are great opportunities to celebrate the achievement of our learners. Below are our award winners.

The CMS Presentation Night is at 6.00pm on Thursday 6th December.

Girls Academy award winners

Congratulations to:

Jodi Stewart
Zoe Martin
Ada Watson
Seraphina Newberry
Wendelle Miller-Kruger
Jailyn Dolman
Kyanne Campbell
Shalaylee Coombes
Aileen Matthews
Nikita Badenoch
Brooke Campbell

Academic Award
Friendship Award
Ambassador Award
Sportswomen of the Year
Most Improved Award
Role Model Award
Mentors Award
Bev Angeles Most Outstanding Award

Clontarf award winners

Congratulations to:

Justin Baliva
Lawrence Squire
Junior Wallace
Kingsley Tilmouth
Ian McCormack
Roderick Liversidge-Rosas
Luke Foster

Leadership Award
Community Award
Determination Award
Principals Award
Junior Clontarf Spirit
Senior Clontarf Spirit

Community Announcements

Maths enrichment opportunities

There are exciting Maths enrichment opportunities coming up for students next week.

Are your contact details up to date?

If you have changed your address, phone numbers or other contact details, please let us know by email at centralian.middle@ntschools.net or call our friendly office staff on 8955 2333.  This is particularly important as we prepare to send out school reports!


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