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15 March 2019

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Important dates

5.00pm Thursday 21st March – School Council
Friday 22nd March – Battle of the School Bands
Thursday 11th April – Youth Health and Wellbeing Expo
Friday 12th April – last day of Term 1
Tuesday 23rd April – first day of Term 2

From the Principal

Dear families

What a highlight our Swimming Carnival was last Friday! The positive and encouraging spirit and the participation was so high and it was a fun day for all who attended. We are yet to announce the winning house and the age grade champions – we are holding that over for our assembly next week – and we shall include that in our next newsletter. There are photos later in the newsletter that help to give a sense of the day.

Today we had a staff learning day. Thank you for looking after your students today and supporting us to have this day. We were very fortunate to be able to participate in the Middle Years Conference, which is a Territory wide event for middle school teachers and staff. We had six people in Darwin attending the conference in person and the remainder of the staff participated by video link from school. One of the keynote presentations helped us to consider what an education that prepares our young people for an uncertain and changing future looks like and the other keynote reminded us of best practice for adolescent learners, given the intellectual, social, emotional and physical changes that young people go through in this age range. As a staff we also spent time developing our literacy practices across all learning areas and digging into our student learning data. It was a very productive day!

Positions in our Student Leadership program have almost been finalised. As you know from our last newsletter, our House Leaders were elected in time to discharge their duties for the Swimming Carnival. We are currently electing our Student Representative Council across the school and the overall Student Leadership program will kick into gear over the next few weeks. We will announce our SRC Representatives in our next newsletter.

We have a text messaging system through which we inform our community of events and announcements. For instance, leading up to today’s student free day we sent out a number of texts reminding families that there was no school. If you are not getting our text messages can you contact the office on 8955 2333 so that we can make sure we have the right phone number for you and you are on our system? We do rely on this system and you may be missing out on key information.

Warm regards
Paul van Holsteyn

School news and updates

Swimming Carnival

We had a huge participation rate from students this year at the swimming carnival on Friday. Thank you to everybody who entered events, and to families who came along to cheer on students.

News from Clontarf

We have had a huge 2 weeks at Clontarf! With over 80 boys on the books we are getting some really good buy in and great results. Our schools attendance board is covered in green (80%+).

Week 5 was a busy one, as well the usual Monday milkshakes and Taco Tuesday lunch, we had a game of touch rugby after school on Tuesday with 12 boys. On Wednesday we were up early to gather on Anzac Hill for our annual clean up Australia day rubbish collection, it was a wonderful morning with around 30 CMS Clontarf boys helping to do their bit for the town. We were greeted by the Mayor, who had bags, gloves and pickers ready to go. All of the boys got stuck into it and picked up loads of rubbish, well done fellas! Our Yr 7 boys also received a great health session run by Congress’s Bradley Braun.

We also had our first Yr 7 camp, which was a sleepover in the academy room for 9 boys, with Damien and Dave who returned to help out. The camp included a movie, followed by dinner at Epilogue in the mall. The fella’s sat around the table like young men and chatted, took their caps off without being asked to, and really enjoyed the experience. Friday we visited the town pool, went ten pin bowling, played rugby and just enjoyed each other’s company in general.

So far this term we have had 11 boys receive a health check from congress Larapinta. We also have several Yr 9 boys who are preparing resume’s, filling out job applications and some have already opened up a bank account.

Week 6 has seen lots of activity in the academy room, we also had a after school game of footy Vs Yirara Tuesday afternoon, followed by a massive Wednesday morning joint footy training and breakfast at Yirara.

We also have some activities in the pipeline for those boys who aren’t into their footy or rugby, as well some work-site visits, and some potential leadership opportunities for our older boys. On Wednesday the Yr 9 boys had a really important session with Mel from Headspace on mindfulness and ways to try clear the mind.

Community Announcements

15 years and under Australian football teams announcement

School Sport NT would like to thank students and families for coming to training and trying your best. If you have not made the team, you are a reserve. If there are any injuries or misadventures before the trip, you may be called upon.

Sports vouchers

There is a change to how Sport Vouchers are being distributed this year. Schools are not being provided with vouchers for each student. Rather, families have to apply for vouchers online. Go to:


New Womens AFL Football Team

Red Centre Sports School Holiday Program

Register here:


Upcoming Alice Springs Region Sports Trials

There are upcoming sports trials on various days after school. Permission slips can be collected from the front office.

Alice Springs ‘Trails in Motion’ running film festival

The Alice Springs running and walking club extends a warm invitation to the "Trails in Motion" trail running film festival on Wednesday the 3rd of April.

All proceeds go to the Alice Springs Running and Walking Club.

Alice Springs community garden fundraiser

Next Sunday March 24, you are invited to explore the Alice Springs Community Garden and help raise funds for raising seedlings. There will be a 5 km scenic walk and run to take part in with breakfast in the garden at the finish line.


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