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12 December 2014

Newsletter Articles

Principals Report

To all our families and students,

We are coming to the end of a long and interesting year at Centralian Middle School. This time of year is always busy as we have three important tasks: firstly, to wrap up the year with marking and reporting; secondly, to plan and prepare for the year ahead; and lastly and most importantly, to celebrate our achievements and growth for 2014.

Our presentation night was well attended and as spectacular as ever; many thanks to Barb Glover for her hours of work and high level of organisation in bringing it all together. Each of our on-site programs held their own awards nights which were well attended. It is very much appreciated the sense of community these programs bring to our school.

I won’t attempt to thank all of the people who have made this year a success for us, but I will say that this is one of the most positive, professional and hard working groups of people I have ever worked with. We are farewelling some amazing people. Marg McHugh has worked here forever and has made a huge difference in the lives of countless young people. She isn’t going far, just to the senior college for a change of scenery. We wish her all the best. Carla Pressman has spread her own brand of creativity around CMS for four years and is off on a new adventure; let’s hope it is a great one. Mike Bodnar is leaving us to cycle around South America, lucky bloke! Hope that is as great as it sounds and we get postcards. Carly Phillips leaves us to broaden her educational experience, so that she will go on to become an even more inspirational teacher. Thanks Carly for introducing our young folk to so many big ideas. Alicia Ryan is following her heart to Brisbane. A whole new group of students will benefit from her energy and enthusiasm and that million dollar smile. Nat Bradshaw is off to Victoria where more young people will experience the joy of learning to program and build robots. Lyn Cummins Is leaving us to be closer to her family. Lyn has gotten many of our students over that difficult hump to become confident readers. This is life changing for them and I know they appreciate Lyn’s work. She has achieved this with her extraordinary care, patience and persistence. After many years of building strong relationships, and assisting students learning, Leon is heading off to live in Noosa: tough life hey?

I’d like all of our families to consider preparing their children for a successful start to 2015.

  • Every student should return to school on Tuesday 27th of January.
  • Students should have returned to a good sleep routine at least a week before returning.
  • All students should either come to school with a school bag and all their stationery or be ready to purchase one from student access.
  • Student access will be open from January 15th for uniform and stationery sales.
  • Back to school vouchers should arrive late in the holidays.

Finally I would like to wish all of our families a joyful, relaxing and safe holiday,

Donna O’Brien

Year 9 Camp

On the Tuesday of week nine, 34 year nine students along with Ms Connelly, Mr Bodnar, Shelly Caspani and Jason Bell hopped on a bus and headed off on their end of year camp adventure. The first stop was Uluru for a night of camping and site seeing. Many of the students had not seen the world famous Rock before and were impressed with the beauty of such a site.

The following morning the group boarded a plane to Melbourne and then headed down the start of the Great Ocean Road to the Anglesea YMCA which would be there base for the next week. Over the course of the week students got to experience many activities for the first time including surfing, snorkelling, swimming with seals, canoeing, fishing, high ropes, mountain biking and an adventure race. During their busy week the group also ventured out to Bells Beach, the Torquay Surf Museum and the Barwon Estuary centre.

On a sunny Melbourne day, the group headed into the city for a tour of the MCG, the Shrine of Remembrance and the Eureka tower. They took in the beauty of the Botanical Gardens and after a dinner at the Shanghai Dumpling house the group checked out the famous Myer Christmas Windows, the Dundas Lane street art and capped off the evening at the Arts Centre where they saw La Cage aux Folles the musical live on stage.

After a busy eight days the students are back safe and sound with a million photos and memories to last a life time.

The year nine team would like to wish all their students a safe and happy holiday break and the best of luck for their further studies.

Presentation Night


Perseverance Award

A students who always strives to achieve their best and doesn’t give up

Year 7 - Danielle Oliver
Year 8 - Ruth Katakarinja
Year 9 - Daryl Maloney
SGC - Shanequa Hendry

Improvement Award

A student who has made significant academic improvement

Year 7 - Taze Gregurke
Year 8 - Leonie Padam
Year 9 - Jesse Pfeiffer
SGC - Herman Gibson

Most Outstanding Maths Award

A student that achieved well in this subject

Year 7 - Dylan Salmon
Year 8 - Benjamin Williams
Year 9 - Sherry Ann Deso-Asido
SGC - William Molyneux

Most Outstanding English Award

A student that achieved well in this subject

Year 7 - Nyah Hendrey
Year 8 - Milla Pinney-Scales
Year 9 - Skye Coleman
SGC - Declan Findlow

Most Outstanding Science Award

A student that achieved well in this subject

Year 7 - Mikaela Stennett
Year 8 - Brianna Hughes
Year 9 - Riley Adams Brown
SGC - Isiah Sandy

Most Outstanding SOSE Award

A student that achieved well in this subject

Year 7 - Sara Johnston
Year 8 - Benjamin Williams
Year 9 - Christine Mae Guipo
SGC - Riquane Miller


Most Outstanding Multimedia Award

Rachelle Craig-Lake
A student that achieved well in this subject

Most Outstanding Digital Technologies Award

Matthew Vignoni
A student that achieved well in this subject

Most Outstanding Visual Arts Award

Chloe Woods
A student that achieved well in this subject

Most Outstanding Health & P.E. Award

Shawn Foster
A student that achieved well in this subject

LOTE Awards

Learning a second language requires commitment and dedication. A student that shows commitment and hard work in their chosen language classes

Chinese - Riley Adams Brown
Indonesian - Jae Clarke
Japanese - Nicholas Spicer
Arrernte - Kiara White


Chief Ministers Literacy Achievements Awards - Improved Writing, Imaginative Written

Year 7

Evan Tickner - Most Improved Reading
Taze Gregurke - Most Improved Reading
Sara Johnston - Most improved Writing
Kaymani Shelford - Most Improved Writing

Year 8

Josephine Cobern - Most Imaginative Written
Tara Little - Most Outstanding Communicator in the Community
Brittany Browne - Most Imaginative Performance
Imbana Forrester - Most Imaginative Written

Year 9

Skye Lander - Most Imaginative Visual
Krittawat Saengpatomratana - Most Improved Oral Language
Skye Coleman - Most Imaginative Written


Ce’lanne Pfeiffer - Most Improved Oral Language
Tatiana Jermacans - Most Imporved Reading
Antonio Sandy - Most Improved Reading
Khailen-Rhys Lord - Most Improved Writing
Declan Findlow - Most Outstanding Communicator in the Community

Excellence in IT Award

Nicholas Spicer
A student that has shown knowledge, ability, and creativity in respect to information technology

Vocational Training Award

Roley Murphy
A student that has shown commitment, enthusiasm and responsibility at their work place

Sportswomen of the Year

Kiara White
A female student that has been outstanding in the sporting area this year

Sportsman of the Year

Brenton Watts
A male student that has been outstanding in the sporting area this year

Community Service Award

Keiffer Clarke
A student that shows enthusiasm and commitment in their involvement with the community

Leadership Award

Jemyl Bosel-Cross
A male student that has shown leadership qualities at school and or in the community

Leadership Award

Briar Roach
A female student that has shown leadership qualities at school and or in the community

Australia Day Student Citizenship Award

Briar Roach
This award is to recognise good citizenship within the school community. Selection based on:

  • Attitude within the school and in the community
  • Involvement in school and community activities
  • Scholastic and or sporting achievements
  • Cultural understanding and consideration

Rotary Club of Stuart Liana Nappe Performing Arts Award

Tara Little
This award is to remember Liana Nappe, a Rotoract member who was tragically killed as a result of the Connair disaster. Liana was greatly interested in production and the arts and is for a student who has worked hard in this area

Caltex Best All Rounder

Cushula Wilson-Timoti
This award is to recognise good citizenship within the school community. Selection based on:

  • Academic – achieves scholastically across a range of subjects
  • Attitude – willing to help others; makes selfless contributions
  • Personal Conduct – exemplary at all times
  • Leadership – is a role model for other students
  • Service – participates fully in school and community activities
  • Sporting – represents the school without necessarily being a champion

Argot Award

Caitlin McDowall
This award recognises a student in English or SOSE who battles hard, shows common sense, expresses themselves well in a colloquial way and held in good regard by their fellow students and teachers

Smith Family Award

Leonie Padam, Briar Roach
This award is for the girl who has demonstrated the qualities based on the values underpinning “Girls at the Centre”:

Centralian Girls Academy Ricky Grace – Outstanding Achiever Award

Lacey Erlandson.
This award is for the girl who has demonstrated the qualities based on the values underpinning “Centralian Girls Academy”:

Mparntwe Academy Award

This award is for the boy who has demonstrated the qualities based on the values underpinning “Mbantua Academy”:

Junior Clontarf Spirit Award

Taze Gregurke, Darnell Campbell

Clontarf Spirit Award

Benjamin Williams

Vocational Education & Training

Certificate of Attainment in Cert 1 Automotive

Riley Adams Brown
Reece Anderson
Jaryn Ashley
Kailem Betts
Bo Clarke
Lacey Erlandson
Shane Gregurke
Damien Hayes-Clarke
Dila Heriyanto
Neil McCallum
Isiah Stuart

Certificate of Attainment in Cert 1 Hospitality

Keiffer Clarke
Skye Coleman
Sherry Ann Deso-Asido
Christine Mae Guipo
Bridget Hodge
Lowitja Knight
Callum Sweet
Ha Tran
Rayne Tupe.
Khiam Gillatt is awarded the certificate of participation

Certificate of Attainment in Cert 1 Rural Operations Agri Foods

Roley Murphy

Outstanding NT Music School Student

Milla Pinney-Scales
This award is for recognition of excellent progress on a musical instrument

Ruth Allen Scholarship

Keiffer Clarke, Lowitja Knight

Scholarship continuation for 2nd year

Kimia Jizan
This award is based on academic progress, creative talents, quiet contributions to school, community or family and special contributions of value to school, community and family.

Spirit of Anzac Award

Jemyl Bosel-Cross
This award is recognising a student with a sense of fun and mateship, embodies equality, loyalty and friendship and shows leadership, fairness and bravery.

The Aspire Scholarship

Chloe Woods
For a student entering year 10 in 2014 who demonstrates a commitment to community service, leadership and their studies

Outstanding LOTE Student

Ha Tran
This award is for excellence in learning a second language which requires commitment and dedication

School Student Award

Based on attendance, behaviour, relationships with others, work output, self-directed, creative, collaborative and dynamic learner.

Year 7 - Mikaela Stennett
Year 8 - Melanie Yates
Year 9 - Neil McCallum
SGC - Renee Coulthard

Principals Award

Dila Heriyanto
This award recognises the most outstanding student at Centralian Middle School. Students who receive this award have excelled in a number of areas of learning, sporting, Cultural and Community.

Academic Excellence

Year 7 - Emily Hopkins
Year 8 - Brianna Hughes
SGC - Layne Watson

NT Board of Studies Academic Excellence Award Year 9 Student Dux

Sherry Ann Deso-Asido

School Holiday Program

Programs Descriptions

Rockwall – Rockwall is a fun, social activity with climbs for all ages and abilities. Rock climbing is an exciting and challenging sport to enjoy with friends and family. Build strength, fitness, endurance, balance, flexibility and confidence whilst scaling one of our fantastic climbs. Harnesses and ropes provided. Rock climbing shoes are for hire.

Ages 5+

Casual Visit (Non-member) - $13.00
Casual Visit (Member) - $8.00
10 Visit Pass (Non-member) - $100.00
10 Visit Pass (Member) - $50.00
Concession / Student - $10.00
Children of Members - $5.00
Belay Card - $5.00
Rock Climbing Shoes - $5.00

Born To Move (8-12) - In this 30 or 45 minute class, Teachers show participants how to do moves from dance, martial arts and yoga. It includes great music and games to keep things interesting while developing fitness skills. The Teacher will adapt their approach to match participant mood and energy levels so everyone leaves class feeling great.

Born To Move (13-16) - This class draws from the disciplines of martial arts, hip hop, sports conditioning, plyometrics, dance and yoga, and is led by a trained Teacher who can pick and mix from a constantly updated toolbox of tracks to keep things interesting. A typical class is 30 or 45 minutes long and features moves that you're guaranteed to pick up quickly, while encouraging heightened levels of activity. You'll leave the class with a strong sense of achievement and buzzing with energy.

Ages 8-12 and 13 - 16

Casual Visit - $12.00
10 Visit Pass - $100.00

$100.00 Sports Vouchers accepted

Little Big Gym – Little Big Gym is a structured gymnastics class aimed at developing the participants’ basic gymnastics skills along with strength, endurance, coordination, balance and flexibility. It will also help build the participants’ confidence with the many different skills practiced. The session includes warm-up games, a circuit style conditioning phase to keep the participants constantly active, and a light cool-down of stretches for the whole body.

Ages 5 – 10

Casual Visit - $12.00
10 Visit Pass - $100.00

$100.00 Sports Vouchers accepted

Kindergym – Kindergym is a free-style, social gymnastics class aimed at developing the participants’ strength, coordination, balance and confidence. The participants’ are involved in such activities as climbing, balancing, throwing, catching and bouncing.

A parent or guardian is to be present with their child or children at all times.

Ages 0 – 4

Casual Visit - $12.00
10 Visit Pass - $100.00

$100 Sorts Vouchers accepted

Kids’ Corner (Crèche) – Kids’ Corner is a service provided to parents and guardians who would like to participate in exercise while their child or children are placed in temporary care. The kids’ corner offers a range of toys to play with, stencils with pencils and textas for drawing and colouring, a chalk board for drawing and colouring, and a television with kid’s movies and TV shows playing.

The children are very well cared for. Food and drink are accepted in the room. There is a change table, however, nappies are not provided.

Ages 7 months +

Younger at carer’s discretion.

Casual Visit - $2
10 Visit Pass - $20.00
3 Month Membership - $75.00
6 Month Membership - $150.00