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20 September 2019

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Important dates

Friday 20th September - Year 6 Sport Day at CMS
Friday 27th September – Last day of Term 3
Monday 14th October – First day of Term 4
5pm Wednesday 16th October – School Tour
Thursday 17th October – School Council meeting
Tuesday 3rd December – Presentation Night

Friday 20th September - Year 6 Sport Day at CMS
Friday 27th September – Last day of Term 3
Monday 14th October – First day of Term 4
5pm Wednesday 16th October – School Tour
Thursday 17th October – School Council meeting
Tuesday 3rd December – Presentation Night

From the Principal

Dear families

Inconceivably the last week of term is upon us! It has been a busy term with a very large number of extra-curricula events and enrichment activities. Most recently we had 40 students participate in Alice Can Dance alongside students from each of the government schools in Alice Springs. They did an incredible job both on stage and off and they should be proud of the efforts that they put into this project.

We have also been busy with many transition visits to the school. We have had all primary schools across for a tour, classroom experience and today for a sports morning. We do this work so that Year 6 students can feel confident making the transition from primary school to CMS. There is even an article in today’s Advocate profiling some of this work. We are currently accepting enrolments for 2020 so please pass the word around to

We are unfortunately farewelling one member of staff at the end of this term. Mr Jack Talbot is returning to Victoria to support his father. Mr Talbot has been at the school since 2017 and has made a tremendously positive connection and contribution to a large number of students. More recently, he has been coaching our staff and leading some of our work around driving improvements in Writing.

The break coming up is two week’s long. I hope that you have a safe and happy break and that our young people have time to rest and recuperate so they are ready to throw themselves into the learning challenges that Term 4 will bring. Term 4 starts on Monday 14th October and all students must be back at school on this day.

Paul van Holsteyn

School news and updates

Vocational Education and Training

Our Year 9 students have been participating in Skill Set Taster Course at Charles Darwin University to get an exposure to how Vocational Education and Training works. The taster course have included: Barista, Hospitality, Sheet Metal, Plumbing, Business, Retail, Media and Music. Exposure to these programs help our students to understand what VET opportunities are available for them in the future.

Year 9

For HPE this term our Year 9 students have been participating in Archery.

Clontarf Corner

Clontarf students in Year 7 and 8 have been participating in the Northern Carnival in Katherine this week. They have had a wonderful time and have represented the school and Clontarf incredibly well.

Here are some pics from the week.

From the Constable

Over the past few weeks there have been reports that young people from various schools have been carrying pocket knives or multi tools with them as they move about town and to school, either in their pockets or bags.

I thought it was a good time to share some information about what the ‘Law’ says about this sort of thing.

There are two important parts to this.

The first is that a pocket knife or multi-tool is defined in legislation as a controlled weapon, which basically means - it is a weapon, but can be carried under specific circumstances.

The second part is the conditions when and where a controlled weapon can be carried. There are various reasons but the most specific is: “A person must not, without lawful excuse, proof of which is on the person, possess, carry or use a controlled weapon in a public place or school.”

So the law clearly states that pocket knives are a controlled weapon and cannot be possessed, carried or used at a school, without a lawful excuse. In my mind, I can’t think of a lawful excuse that a student might bring a pocket knife or multi-tool to school.

So let’s keep them at home?!

Last thing... if you are found with one of these items, it can be confiscated and destroyed by the Police.

First Class Constable Tai GAVIN

Community Announcements

School Holiday Calendar

There is plenty happening in Alice over the upcoming school holidays. Have a look at some of the events in the attached calendar.

Upcoming park and wildlife events

Territory FACES (Family and Children Enquiries and Support)

Relationships Australia courses and information

Sport Vouchers

Each semester students are eligible for a $100 sport voucher to go towards the cost of sport and cultural activities. In previous years, vouchers have been delivered to the school for all students.

This year, families have to apply for their vouchers.

Please use the link below to apply for sport vouchers for your young person.


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