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29 November 2019

Newsletter Articles

Presentation Night

See you all on Tuesday for our 2019 Presentation Night. Let’s celebrate the achievements of our students. Please arrive at the Convention Centre at 5.45 so that we can commence promptly at 6.00. (Year 9s, Award winners and performers should arrive by 5.30.)

Important dates

Tuesday 3rd December – Presentation Night

Wednesday 4th – Wednesday 11 December - Polly Farmer Follow the Dream Camp to Tasmania

Tuesday 11th December – Colour Splash

Wednesday 12th December – School reports mailed home

Wednesday 12th December – Year 9 Evening Event

Thursday 13th December – Last Day of Term

Wednesday 25th December – Christmas

Tuesday 29th January – First day of school for 2020

From the Principal

Dear families

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching with less than two school weeks to go before we finish. The last day of school is Thursday 13th December and students return for 2019 on Tuesday 29th January.

Teachers have been busy finalising assessment and writing reports over the last few weeks. It is always a great process as we take stock and identify just how much our students have learnt across the course of the year. We will be mailing reports home on Wednesday 12th December. Please ensure that your address details are up to date with our office otherwise you might not receive the report.

Amongst the assessment and reporting, we have also been working on determining our improvement priorities for the school for next year. We will continue to focus on our School Wide Positive Behaviour Support practices and continuing to embed our Instructional Model into every lesson.

We have also been busily focussing on recruiting new staff to the school. We have a bit of a turnover this year and have a great group of teachers ready to arrive and get into the learning at CMS. We are still looking for a Health and Physical Education teacher and a Canteen Manager, so if you know someone who would be a good addition to the team please get in touch with me.

We have had our Year 9 students across at Charles Darwin University this week participating in Vocational Education and Training. This is their final skills taster course for the year. Participating in VET in Year 9 helps our students to be informed if they wish to take up VET students in a more formal and ongoing way in Year 10 and beyond.

Next year we are excited to add an embedded weekly Hospitality program in addition to the VET training opportunities that we will continue to provide in conjunction with CDU. We have a trainer at CMS one day a week to work with 10-12 Year 9 students each semester. Current Year 8 students have information about this so please have a chat to your young person to determine whether they may be interested. It’s a fantastic opportunity.

Today we were very fortunate to have our 2020 Year 7s join us for the day. They were able to meet our staff and other students and are feeling more comfortable about making the jump to CMS next year. If you know of someone who is intending on attending CMS next year who has not returned enrolment forms, can you have them contact the school on 8955 2333 as soon as possible.

On Tuesday 3rd December we have our Presentation Night, our premiere event for the year. It is being held at the Convention Centre with guests to arrive by 5.45 for a 6.00pm start. (Award winners, performers and Year 9s should arrive at 5.30pm.) We strongly invite all families to join us for this important celebration of the learning of our students.

On Wednesday 11th December we will have an evening event to celebrate our Year 9 students. Students get dressed up and have a fun night with their friends. Students already have information about this.

Our final big event for the year is one that is entirely fun: we have our Colour Smash on Wednesday 12th December. There is a $10 cost to participate; students receive a white t-shirt and a sausage for this price. More information will follow about this event.

Paul van Holsteyn

School news and updates

From Year 7

In Textiles this week Year 7’s have been making pouches for the koalas injured in the bushfires that have devastated parts of Australia recently. When finished, they will be sent to animal rescue charities in the affected areas. Next week we are going to start making Joey pouches.

From Year 8

In Maths in Year 8 our students have been modifying recipes to help understand ratios and have been comparing sugar content to the Recommended Daily Intake to practice calculating percentages.

From Year 9

Year 9s have been exploring static electricity in Science with the Van de Graaff generator.

Here is what’s happening Week 8 at Clontarf


Early morning training and cooked breakfast


Year 7 Contact Time End of Year Party

Afterschool Basketball vs OLSH


Early morning training and cooked breakfast

G-Training Boxing and self-discipline session


Year 9 G-Training Boxing and self-discipline session

Good Bunch Lunch (100% School Attendance)

Year 9 Contact Time End of Year Party

Canteen Manager vacancy at CMS

The incredible Miss Vicki is retiring at the end of this year so we are looking for someone to take the canteen on in 2020. Please contact Carol Watson at the school if you are interested.

Community Announcements

Parent Survey on Student Reports

NT COGSO is conducting a quick survey for parents on student reports which will be provided to the Northern Territory Department of Education.

We encourage as many families as possible to provide valuable and anonymous feedback on your young person’s school report.


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