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18 September 2020

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Important dates

Friday 25th September – last day of term
Monday 12th October – Staff learning day, no school for students
Tuesday 13th October – First day of Term 4 for students
Saturday 24th October – School Community Working Bee

From the Principal

Dear families

As we approach the end of another term, it is good to look back on the achievements and celebrations for the term. And there have been many! We have had students participating in Alice Can Dance, Alice Beat, big advances with our students in the VET Hospitality program, excursions to various locations and many transition visits, both for our 9s to Centralian Senior College and welcoming our 6s here. And this is of course on top of the learning achievements that our students are making everyday in their classes.

We are now collecting enrolments for 2021. If you know someone who would like to enrol, please get them to contact the school. Enrolment forms are also available at each of the government primary schools in town and can be dropped back there for ease.

On the first day of Term 4, staff are having a professional learning day. This means that Term 4 starts for students on Tuesday 13th October. Staff will be working on curriculum and strategic planning for 2021 so that we can continue to ensure that our curriculum is relevant and meets the learning needs of our students.

The weather is certainly heating up and we are starting to have difficulties with students not drinking enough water during the day. As a COVID strategy, our bubblers will be remaining off until further notice so it is crucial that students have a water bottle at school. They can bring one in from home or purchase one from the school canteen for $2. There are plenty of taps available for students to refill their water bottles during the day, and they can have them in class with them. Please ensure your young person has a water bottle at school.

We are doing a lot of work around attendance at the moment, as students need to be at school every day to have the best chance of succeeding with their learning. We can support families who may be struggling to get their young person to school for whatever reason, so please reach out and let us work together. Please also ensure that you call to let us know if your young person is going to be away from school for any reason.

We have a two week break coming up. Please stay safe over the break. If you are travelling interstate please remain informed about health and safety advice relating to COVID hotspots and let us know if you are required to quarantine so that we can support your young person to continue with their learning while in quarantine.

Warm regards
Paul van Holsteyn

School news and updates

Opening of Miss Margie Memorial Garden

This week, students were invited to tour the new Miss Margie Memorial Garden which officially opened at the Language Centre on the 16thSeptember. Students were joined by over 80 guests including the late Miss M’s family, friends and colleague. The garden has over 40 local bush food and medicine plants which were planted last term by students in the Arrernte classes. The garden will be used by students studying Arrernte across Alice Springs to learn about the different local plants and their uses. It was beautiful ceremony to honour a remarkable woman.

Vocational Education and Training

What a term it has been for the VET hospitality programs. The students from semester one continued their learning with another skill set of serving customers and making sandwiches.

We also had the pleasure of meeting a new second group of students starting their Hospitality Skill Set in coffee making.

The new group of students have been focusing on honing their skills working towards understanding the concepts of good personal hygiene, food hygiene safety, basic legislation of the industry and cooking skills. Moving into term 4 they will be starting on their coffee learning to become some of Alice Springs latest Barista’s. We have an eventful term to come where the students will be setting up a mini café to make all different types of coffees to their customers.

The continuing students have been working tirelessly learning about front of house customer service, and making all sorts of different types of sandwiches. To start the term off the students had to create an event, they had a meetings in the classroom to discuss what they were planning and create a small folder with their plan in it (including maps, flyers and leaflets). Executing the events was a big deal, with some real industry feelings of pressure and stress. At service time all the students of the class came together, put their focusing chef hats on and got the job done. The students catered for the staff at the sports carnival, and have done several small services in the staff room making lunches. Well done!

Check out some pictures of the term so far!

Transition visit – Ross Park

Our transition visits have continued, supporting Year 6s to feel confident about making the jump to the middle school. Last week we loved having the Ross Park students across, and look forward to having all of the Year 6s at CMS next year.

Year 7

We have had a great time in the CMS kitchen this term with 7.1, lots of experimentation, creativity and great results!! Well done 7.1 for your outstanding effort.

Year 7 students also baked chocolate muffins in their Maths lesson to demonstrate their understanding of fractions! We had a great time and learned how maths is used in real life!

Year 7 Glow Party

What a fun time we all had!

Year 9 - Wellbeing Workshop with Centralian Senior College

The Centralian Senior College Wellbeing Team is continuing to run some really fun workshops with our Year 9 students as part of their transition into Year 10.

Here are some more photos for you to enjoy!

As a part of supporting our students to transition successfully to Year 10, we are exposing them to a range of options for continuing their learning journey.

We took a group of students to Outcomes last week. It was great for them to understand the learning pathways provided there.

Bluearth Foundation

We are proud of the opportunities our partnership with Bluearth provides our young women.

Bluearth champions girls and young women right across our nation, working to create a healthier future for all.

Our current projects in Alice Springs are centred around empowering and teaching our girls & young women to make healthy choices and positive changes.

In many instances, young Aboriginal women are overwhelmed with responsibility at an early age, and are taught to nurture and care for those around them, often at the expense of their own health & wellbeing. We are working through physical activity, community partnerships and mentoring & coaching to make a difference in these girls’ lives, and the generations beyond. To help them to stand strong as individuals, be pillars of support to one another, and to reach new heights together.

Clontarf Corner – Week 9, Term 3

A few photos of what our fellas have been up to in the last couple of weeks.

“From Little Things Big Things Grow”

Centralian Girls Academy News

We had a Girls Academy Awards Lunch last Thursday 10th September to award girls for their achievements so far, here are some photos for you to enjoy. Congratulation girls, we are so proud of you!

Alice Can Dance

Alice Can Dance students have had their last rehearsal this week. They travelled to the Skate Park to film their section of the 2020 Alice can dance film. They did an awesome job and managed to perform 100% energy throughout the entire 2 and half an hour shoot. We are all extremely proud of our students and we really look forward to see the end result on the big screen at Araluen theatre, tickets available soon at the link below.


Here are a few photos of that day.

Winner of the Umpires' Association Encouragement Award

Ahnika Lenny is a valued member of the AFL Central Australia Umpires' Association team. She has been a boundary umpire at all levels of the game, including A Grade Mens and Womens games, and is also a junior field umpire for Under 10 and Under 13 games. Well done Ahnika!

If any students, staff or family members are interested in umpiring in 2021, please email umpire.cafl@gmail.com.

Community Announcements

YMCA School Holiday Program

Aquatic & Leisure Centre School Holiday Program

Skate Park Festival

2020 Skate Park Festival is here and there is limited spaces only so don’t miss out!

Birth & Beyond coming up events


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