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21 June 2021

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Important dates

Wednesday 23 June – Sports day
Friday 25 June – Last day of Term 2
Monday 19 July – Staff learning day
Tuesday 20 July – First Day of Term 3 for students

From the Principal

Hello – Werte

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday. We have had an excellent Term 2 and our students have made us proud of all they have achieved. We know that COVID is still a risky reality and I encourage you to follow the advice from our Chief Health Officer and stay safe during this holiday period. In this newsletter you will find some handy resources for Wellbeing for yourself and your young person.

Events this week:

Our end of term assembly will be on Wednesday morning - our student leaders are preparing for the assembly and you are all welcome to attend. We will acknowledge students for dedication to learning and demonstrating our school values of respect, responsibility and fairness. We will also present awards to students who have participated in a range of events this Term such as the Sports Carnival and the Science and Engineering Challenge.

We also invite you to attend the Year 7 Business Booth event. Come on down and support the students there will be an opportunity for you to purchase some items and interact with the students as they venture into the world of business. This event will be held in our hall from 12pm to 1pm on Thursday this week.

We are very lucky to have dedicated staff at CMS who do an amazing job – please take the time to recognise their work by nominating a staff member for the Teach in the Territory Awards, you will find a link in this newsletter. The awards close this Friday.

I would like to acknowledge staff members that are leaving at the end of this Term. Ashika Biar will continue to work with Braitling next Semester- I am sure that she will be back one day! Catherine Harris is expecting a baby early next term- we wish her the best of luck during this special and important time in her life. Brittney Crellin who took a term contract in our Engagement program will continue on her journey across the Territory. We also said a very sad farewell to Shelly Caspani - many of you would know Shelly from her years of service to Centralian Middle. Shelly is relocating to be closer to her family. Jake Nethery our ICTC has done an amazing job over his contract and will be heading to QLD.

Semester Two is set to be action packed- with camps, carnivals and extra-curricular activities but most importantly a focus on learning. Our staff will be preparing for the Semester on Monday 19 July- this is a student free day. Looking forward to seeing our students return refreshed and ready to learn on Tuesday 20 uly.

Warm regards
Cassie O’Bree

Ms Cassie O’Bree

School news and updates

Year 7

Earth Sanctuary Camp

The Year 7’s are going on a camp at the Earth Sanctuary on Thursday 22 July – Friday 23 July.

Please return your forms and the payment as soon as possible.


This term, Year 7s have been learning about Earth and Space. We undertook mining for chocolate chips in cookies to model how mining affects the earth. We went outside and made a model of our solar system with balls and toilet paper. Then students made their own models out of play dough to explain how eclipses occur.

Genius hour

Some Year 7 students were introduced to Genius Hour this Semester. They had one hour a week to explore and develop a Personal Passion Project. The choices were wide open and it was fascinating to see where their curiosity took them. At the end of the program students shared their findings and expertise with others in the class. This program develops the ability to recognise a personal passion, develop inquiry questions, research and present ideas to others - all valuable skills in the modern world.


Year 7's working with clay, making cups with the talented Mr Lee.

Year 8


In Year 8 Maths we are learning about area. Students first investigated how the shapes of pattern blocks related to each other. Then they made their own designs and calculated the area.

Mountain Biking with AusCycle

8.1 has been focusing on building knowledge of outdoor recreational sports. The class has focused on the practice and theory of mountain biking. Thanks to Clontarf we started building a couple of basic bikes and working on basic skills. In Week 8 and 10 we got to put ourselves to the test riding out at Telegraph station. All the boys did an amazing job out on the trail, with a great improvement in skill and pushing through some challenging sections. A big thank you to George from Aus Cycling, who helped us hire bikes and got us out on the trail. Hopefully with the help of George and Aus Cycling this won’t be a once off opportunity.


“Ladies and gentlemen you are about to witness a story of murder, corruption, betrayal, greed and adultery. All of those things that we hold near and dear to our hearts.”

The opening line rang across the theatre, perfectly setting the stage for the spectacularly scandalous show that was to come.

Chicago tells the story of Roxie Hart, an aspiring performer, who murders her boyfriend when he tries to leave her. She is than arrested and held at the Cook County Jail, where she meets the infamous jazz singer, Velma Kelly, who rejects her offers of friendship. She than acquires the help of the charismatic and shady lawyer, Billy Flynn, who forces Roxie to compete with Velma for his and the public’s attention; turning the case into a media circus, and eventually making Roxie into a celebrity. “These trials, the world, It’s all I circus, a big three ringed circus and you’re working with a star, the biggest”-Billy Flynn

Jasmine and Marvin getting ready for the show

The idea to put on Chicago came from a group of enthusiastic Year 11 students who suggested the idea to Miss Furniss, the Centralian Senior College drama teacher and director of the production. She loved the idea, and dedicated herself to working tirelessly to make it into a reality.

She approached Paul Van Holsteyn, the principal of CSC, who suggested a collaboration between CSC and CMS, featuring performers from year 7 to year 12.

Asher Lennie and Cyril Driffin looking sharp

It was in March when the CMS students got involved as dancers and backstage crew. Every Thursday the CMS kids would be bussed over to CSC and work with Tryphena Phillis (the choreographer) on the dances. These rehearsals were fun and a great break from normal school.

However, there were few bumps on the road to Chicago! We only had one dress rehearsal; which made coordinating our cues, lighting and music a challenge. Additionally, Oliver, who did a wonderful job playing Billy Flynn, had come in only four weeks prior to the production. During the last few weeks of practices it was clear everyone was a little stressed!

Shakana Clarke getting ready to razzle dazzle!

However, the performance finally came together. Despite a bit of a bumpy first night, everyone worked past that and really improved for the next two shows. The feedback from friends, family and important people in the community was that the show was fantastic!! At the end of it all I think everyone was really glad they had been involved and was proud of what they had accomplished.

I had never performed in anything before I joined Chicago. Being in this show, even though I only had a small role, gave me a lot more confidence when it comes to performing and I would love to be involved in another CSC production in the future.

By Max Barron and Ms O’Connor


Utnenge has had a creative few weeks. We have been using oven bake clay to recreate our favourite Manga characters, as well as learning how to make sculptures out of ceramic clay. Mr Lee fired our ceramics and we will glaze them next term. Taniesha finished her wall mural and Ruby has been displaying her digital artworks in our classroom. Ed has a music room! You can now hear lots of music coming out of E block during contact time and his sessions with SGC students.

Stars Foundation

Year 9 stars girls had a great time having dinner at Sammy’s Pizza then at Alice Springs Dust Bowl to finish up their night. The girls came back the next day and we all made bacon & egg brekky. After that we went on an excursion to Standley Chasm. The girls were extremely respectful and represented the school and the Star Program very well, well done girls!

Congratulations to Lara who was selected to represent NT schools in Darwin in August! Only 12 selected out of the whole competition! well done Lara!

And another congratulations to the following students who have been selected for the Sport Education NT 2021 Netball 12 Years and Under Team.

Teach in the Territory Excellence Awards

Nominations for the Teaching in the Territory Excellence Awards are open until the 25 June 2021.

Head to the link below for more information or to nominate!


Department of Education survey

The Department of Education is seeking your views to inform an Education Engagement Strategy that will improve the engagement and learning for all children and students.

A discussion paper can be accessed at the link below.


Feedback is sought to understand what schools; early year’s programs and the department can do to engage all children and young people in learning.

We invite you to a public forum from 6.00-7.30pm on Tuesday 22th June at Centralian Middle School.

Alternatively, you can share your story or complete the online submission form at:


Community Announcements

School holiday self-care and help seeking

As we approach the school holidays, we ask that you take the time to check in with your young person and support them to connect and seek help if needed. Continue to have open conversations with your young person, encourage self-care and let them know that you’re there to support them. If you notice changes in your young person or become worried over the holidays, we encourage you to please seek support.

Local Supports (local clinic number/other services)


(Secondary age):

(Primary age):


“2021 Phoney Film Fes¬ti¬val – Enter now!

Alice Springs Town Council’s Youth Action Group (YAG) presents the 2021 Phoney Film Fes¬ti¬val (PFF) – a short-film fes¬ti¬val by youth, for youth.

Sub¬mis¬sions for entries close 1 July 2021. The Phoney Film Fes¬ti¬val screen¬ing and awards night will be held at the Alice Springs Cin¬e¬ma, on Thurs¬day 15 July. The judg¬ing pan¬el com¬pris¬es pro¬fes¬sion¬als in the film indus¬try who will deter¬mine the top three short films.”

Netball Association

Alice Springs Netball Association are running the following gala day in the July Holidays:

Thursday 16th July Middle School Gala Day - Round Robin tournament for children in years 7-9 - To nominate as a team with minimum of 7 players for the day - Must have an adult responsible for each team - $100 per team for the day Girls and mixed teams available Please contact netball@alicespringsnetball.com.au with any questions.

Alice Springs Aquatic & Leisure Centre

Wet Wednesday is back on during the school break. Check the details below

Learn to swim intensives

Park & Wildlife

Park & Wildlife is running a series of activities during the school holidays. Check the flyers below for more details.


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