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27 July 2018

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Important Dates

30th July to 3rd August – NAIDOC Week
4.00-7.00pm Wednesday 1st August – Learning Conferences
12.00pm Friday 3rd August – NAIDOC Assembly
3rd August – Taiko Drum Experience
6th August – Picnic Day
14th August – Australian Ballet Workshop
16th August – Post School Options for Students with Disabilities
5.30pm 16th August – School Council Meeting
17-25th August – Girls Academy camp to Adelaide
31st August – Cross Country
17th September – School photos

Come and Join Us

We have our Learning Conferences on Wednesday (1st August) between 4.00 and 7.00pm. This is a really important opportunity for parents, students and teachers to come together and discuss achievements, challenges and set goals for Semester 2. It will also help us to discuss and refine the supports that we provide your young person with to help them be the best learner and person they can be.

You don’t need to make an appointment - just drop in. We look forward to seeing you and your young person.

From the Principal

Dear families

Its great to see everyone back ready for the learning opportunities that Term 3 will provide. Term 3 is typically a time when students make big gains in their learning – they’ve established their friendships, settled into their classes, know the routines and procedures and so the focus is squarely on learning. It always exciting to see the growth in our learners at this time.

Being the start of term, we welcome the many families that have joined or rejoined the school. We hope that you get involved in our community and take advantage of the opportunities provided.

We also welcome two new teachers – Ms Jeanny and Ms Michener – and two new tutors – Alex Pye and Sandrine Frapier. You can find out more about our new staff below.

On Wednesday we have our Learning Conferences which are an excellent opportunity for students, parents and teachers to come together and review learning achievements, set goals, discuss challenges and refine supports. We look forward to seeing you between 4.00 and 7.00pm. If you’re not able to make it please know that at any time you can call the school to catch up with your young person’s homegroup and subject teachers.

Next week we are celebrating NAIDOC Week. (The actual week is in the holidays so we shift our celebrations to be during term time.) The theme of NAIDOC this year is “Because of her, we can!”, acknowledging and celebrating Aboriginal women and the role they play in our families, communities and society. Throughout the week students will participate in NAIDOC activities during homegroup time. On Friday there will be a special assembly followed by a NAIDOC activities afternoon.

At the start of the term there are a number of reminders that we need to communicate:

UNIFORM – students must be in full school uniform at all times. This includes CMS shorts/tracksuit pants or plain (no logo) navy shorts of pants, CMS polo shirt and CMS hoody or plain (no logo) navy jumper. Students need to have enclosed footwear and should have a hat for sun safety in the yard. Student Access is fully stocked with uniform items and is open every day until 9am.

MOBILE PHONES – need to be off and away during the day. Students can choose in the morning to deposit them in the office. If a phone, headphones or other device is out during the day, students will be required to drop it in the office and can collect it at the end of the day. If they do not the device will be confiscated and parent/carers will need to come and meet with senior staff to retrieve the device. Please note that the school takes no responsibility for devices that may be damaged, lost or stolen at school during the school day so it is safer to leave them at home.

LEARNING MATERIALS – students need to have all materials required for learning. At a minimum this includes 5 exercise books and pens, pencils, rulers etc. Student Access sells these items so students can pick them up before school to be ready for learning.

HEALTHY FOOD POLICY – CMS has a healthy food policy which governs the food that we provide in the canteen and at the school. Under this policy, students cannot consume soft drink or energy drinks at school and fast food (McDonalds, KFC etc) cannot be provided to students.

Staff have been very lenient around these expectations given that it is Week 1. From Week 2, we will return to our normal high expectations in these areas.

As always, please contact the school if there is anything that you would like to discuss. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday at our Learning Conferences.

Warm regards,
Paul van Holsteyn

Mr Paul Van Holsteyn


We are delighted to welcome two new teachers to the school this term:

Ms Clarence Jeanny has joined CMS as a Maths and Science teacher in the Year 8 team. Originally from the Seychelles, Ms Jeanny has had many years of teaching experience in the Northern Territory including working at Tennant Creek High School and St Philip’s College. Ms Jeanny has taken over Mr Quin’s teaching responsibilities.

Ms Lauren Michener has rejoined CMS after a couple of years away. Ms Michener is working as a Maths and Science teacher in the Year 9 team, taking over Ms Chapman’s role (no baby yet!). Ms Michener worked with the Year 9 students when they were in the first half of Year 7, and its great to have a familiar face rejoining the team. Since that time she has been working in a few locations in Sydney and the NT, including Ramingining and St Philip’s.

We also have two new tutors who will be commencing with us shortly – Sandrine Frapier supporting students in the Year 8 team and Alex Pye supporting students in the Year 9 team.

Attached below are photosheets showing most of the people who work with each of our year levels. Take a look so that you know who your young person is talking about. Also, come in for our Learning Conferences on Wednesday so that you can meet all of the teaching staff.

Year 7 Staff

Year 8 Staff

Year 9 Staff

Events and Announcements


Next week we are celebrating NAIDOC Week. Students will undertake activities during the week which will culminate in an assembly and activities afternoon on Friday. Please consider joining us for the assembly on Friday (3rd August) at 12.00.

Our school hosted a competition to design a poster for the upcoming NAIDOC week. We had some fantastic entries. Below is the winning poster, designed by Kyendrah Dodd.

After School Squash

Do You Need Immunisation?

Kilgariff Recreation Centre

Post School Options for Young People with Disabilities

Totem Theatre Youth Drama Class

Clontarf Corner

Clontarf Newsletter – Term 3

Polly Farmer – Follow the Dream

Polly Farming Term 3 Starting Date

Our Polly Farmer Follow the Dream program currently has a group of our students in Cairns, learning about the reef and the rainforest. Check out Facebook to see photos from this incredibly camp.

Polly Farmer will be resuming again in week 2 of term 3.


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