Pastoral Care

Centralian Middle School has an established wellbeing team which meets with the purpose of providing a forum, for representatives from both onsite school programs (CLONTARF, STARS) and other school representatives (HLO’s, AIEW, School Nurse, Counsellor and the Assistant Principal) to participate in the strategic planning, implementation, and the ongoing evaluation, of the wellbeing of students, staff and families of the school community.
The wellbeing team is also responsible for providing an opportunity for confidential peer discussion, information sharing, support and debriefing.

The objectives for the wellbeing team include:

Evaluating current practice and develop systems and processes for the Centralian Middle School Wellbeing Team that promotes best practice in the care and support of students, staff and families. 

To systematically review Centralian Middle School Wellbeing Team’s resources such as policies, protocols and procedures, and undertake research to ensure that the resources are current, benchmarked and support best practice.

Sarah Sarmiento, School Counsellor

The School Counsellor is a qualified professional who is available to students and parents to provide support with the many issues facing young people at school, home and in social interactions. The role works to ensure that student’s social and emotional wellbeing needs are met either through individual counseling, group work or whole school activities. The School Counsellor may also provide support by linking students and their families with community support agencies or programs.

Laura Higgins, Health Promoting School Nurse.

The Department of Health employs Health Promoting School Nurses who work within the School Health Service in the Northern Territory for urban middle and special schools.

The School Health Service provides health information, education, and support to students and teachers to assist them in identifying health issues and to work with them to develop school programs.

Information and Education on a variety of topics are delivered in the classroom, one on one or whole of school programs by the Health Promoting School Nurse which includes:

Other drugs
Physical Activity
Health and Wellbeing
Sexual Health

The Service is responsible in promoting Health and Wellness by ensuring that students have access to the National Immunisation Program and other public health programs. Also the service can assist in referrals to other government and non-government organisations.

The Health Promoting School Nurse also assists in helping parents to support their child’s understanding of health and wellbeing.